High Gloss Coffee Tables

A living room coffee table is a practical and elegant piece that often serves as a focal point. Around it, you can gather with family and friends to talk, drink tea or coffee, or simply spend time together. Because of this, the modern coffee table has to fulfil a specific set of roles. It needs to have a surface that is large enough to hold any books, drinks, or other small objects, including purely decorative elements like candles and flowers. Many of our tables also offer additional storage space (such as wooden coffee tables), for your living room necessities, the form of which depends on the design.

Moreover, our tables are made in such a way that they can be aesthetically and practically be combined with our sofas and armchairs.

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A simple form, a classic beauty, a stable line of the table will be the pride of any room.

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Our collection of modern Coffee tables consist of:

High gloss finish:

At Sena Home furniture, as we follow the trends we have designed for you a wide range of high-gloss coffee tables in various shapes and sizes. Our high gloss styles vary in terms of colour. For instance, we can provide you with black gloss furniture for your minimalist yet sophisticated living room but also a white gloss coffee stand for your shiny and modernish room! All of our furniture combines premium quality of materials and finishes as well! Take a look!

Bespoke furniture:

But even if you don't want a high gloss coffee table we got a list for you that combines all of our tables together. We can also offer you a wide variety of high gloss bespoke tables. As a result, you don't have to worry if your furniture will fit into your living room as we will carefully craft it in accordance with your measurements!

Wooden made:

At Sena Home Furniture, we are not only offering a wide variety of high gloss tables but of course wooden coffee tables! Solid wood furniture, due to their colour and texture, can fit into every single interior! Or even you can choose from our collection of tables made by wood and glass finishes which will give your living the unique interior architecture!

Italian Coffee tables:

Our furniture is mostly manufactured in Italy so as you can notice the Italian element is not something that is missing. Moreover, our tables will be delivered to you assigned in accordance with the highest Italian standards.

Useful Interior Article:

To sum up, as we want to make everything easier for our customers we prepared this article which is going to help you choose your ideal coffee table.

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