Living Room Wall Units

Searching for a creative way to store your items in your living room? Try a wall unit.

These cabinets provide an eye-catching, modern solution for your living room without occupying any of your floor space. A wall cabinet has many uses - you can use it to line up all of your books, showcase your photographs or any other decorative object, or even hang it up as a piece of standalone decor.  Entertainment units play an important role in your living room as they occupy a large area of your room. In our catalogue, there's a whole variety of shapes and sizes for you to choose from! You can be sure that the furniture provided by Sena will only be made from the finest materials, no matter which design you end up choosing.

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Showing 1 - 50 of 211 items

The wall unit is not just the perfect place for some additional storage, but it is also the place that your TV can easily stand on! In addition, due to their shape, you can place on them your speakers and your blue-ray as well!

So that way you can have the perfect media store! Although, as with all furniture, when you are about to purchase your new wall unit you should take into consideration some crucial factors.


Is your living big enough for an entertainment unit? Or you should consider purchasing a simple yet functional TV stand? If you own a small spaced room, then a corner unit is always a good idea! In addition, if you want just to place your TV on it and you don't own a lot of entertainment equipment then a minimal wall stand would be the ideal for you, but on the other hand, if you own a TV set then consider purchasing a stand with plenty of drawers and doors for extra storage.

Having said that, our doors are equipped with safety push-click technology! Moreover, as far of the size, you should consider the use of it as well, are you willing to use it just as an entertainment unit or you are planning to use it as decorative furniture that will give your room a premium look? If you are not interested in an entertainment unit then we suggest you a minimal yet elegant wall stand!

Last but not least, on our online shop, you can find both modular and bespoke wall units, that way you don't have to worry about the size of your new furniture, as well will carefully craft according to your dimensions!


Another crucial factor before choosing your new wall stand is the style of it. To be more specific, first of all in our catalogue you can find furniture made by solid wood, MDF, and natural oak, secondly, all of our furniture are painted in detail with high-gloss, lacquered with matt or veneer finishes! Having said that, if you are having a living room with a modern and minimal design then you should consider purchasing a white or black high-gloss wall cabinet, such as Club.

That shiny material will transform your room into a luxurious looking space. On the other hand, if you are having children and you are looking for a durable long-lasting wall stand then - for sure- you will appreciate the premium quality oak wall set, such as Capri.

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