Living Room Wall Units

A wall unit is one of the most popular living room furniture pieces, not only because of its touch of elegance and beauty it brings to the living space, but also because of the living room storage options it offers effortlessly.

Wall units are the statement piece of the living room furniture, but they offer much more. Interior design experts use this type of shelving to decorate the home and provide as much living room storage as possible when trying to maximise flooring space.

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Incastro in White and Oak pero finish, modern style wall set with LED lghts.

£ 419.00 vat incl.

Incastro in Whiteand stone imitation finish, modern style wall set with LED lghts.

£ 419.00 vat incl.

Incastro in Whiteand stone imitation finish, modern style wall set with LED lghts.

£ 285.00 vat incl.

Incastro in White and Oak pero finish, modern style wall set with LED lghts.

£ 285.00 vat incl.
Showing 1 - 275 of 275 items

The Best Living Room Furniture Option

Living space wall units offer an array of options for use. These are no longer the heavy, ugly, bulky furniture that we knew decades ago that went up to the ceiling. Nowadays, in an ever-changing world like ours, technology helps us advance in all aspects of living quickly and easily.

With the discovery of new materials, lighter constructions, and new machines, we have taken furniture to the next level. It has experienced a rapid pace of evolution, and we can easily see the changes in style and trends. 

Thanks to these innovations, wall unit furniture is at the centre of attention with its high functionality, ergonomic design, and elegant construction. These products can be used as entertainment units, TV stands, storage units, and decorative pieces.

Elegance and Practicality

If you want to freshen up the look in your living room, these units are the perfect way to do it. With their different gloss designs, colour combinations and different styles of shelves, the possibilities of creating a unique look based on your specific preference are truly endless.

These units make your life as comfortable as possible. You can choose how you store your objects, pieces of art and your electronic devices. All your belongings have their own place in the closed compartments, open areas or in the drawers. Whether you want to display your books or hide certain things, wall units possess the power to transform any dull and outdated room into a pretty functional space.

Such versatile pieces of furniture can be placed above the sofa or the TV units. You can also combine two or more for lots more space, depending on your room size.

Freedom of Design

Most wall units offer a number of features to choose from. Shapes, colours combinations, different finishes like matt or sleek gloss, clean and straight lines or blended cubical and round forms. Because of their interconnecting elements, you are free to pick different designs and create your style however it suits you.

Wooden units offer elegance in your home when paired with glass panes. You can also have a unit with an entire glass front for a minimalist look and simplicity. Filters can be added if you want to make the glass less transparent in some of the elements for added privacy. It all depends on what goes best with your personality, needs, hobbies, and of course, with the style of your house.

If you want to create an entertainment unit in your room, contrasting cupboard door colours will give you a modern and unique look. A single colour item, on the other hand, will create a more harmonious look if you already have colourful walls.

Display Your Items Easily

Art, books, and other ornaments no longer need special shelving or mounting in the wall. With these units, you can display your favourite items with ease. Whether you have a thing for collectibles or you like to keep it minimalist with a few family photos, a wall unit offers up the perfect opportunity to incorporate them into a room’s decor and show them off.

Freshen Up Your Room Look Easily

With a wall unit, you can achieve a great deal of change quickly. It is tiring to be surrounded by the same things over and over again simply because you don't have the time or the budget to renovate your room. However, you can easily rearrange items with such furniture by taking them on and off the shelves.

You can change decoration as the seasons change and always feel like you are in a new room.

Use the Vertical Space

While floor space is usually overused, the vertical square footage of a home is often underused. By lifting more items off the floor and onto wall-mounted units, you are freeing up living space and making the room appear taller and therefore more significant. Such a plan is handy, especially in smaller homes where square footage needs to be used cleverly.

TV Unit

If you are looking for a way to maximise space and minimise furniture use in your home, then blending the TV in the unit can be a great way of doing so. You integrate design and function without much hassle.

Storage is Never Enough

By installing a wall unit you are maximizing storage without compromising on floor space and you do it in style. By opting for a piece with deep shelves, you get plenty of space to store away your belongings. At that, you can combine it with open and closed shelving so that you have place for decor too while taking up minimal space.

Wall units at Sena Home Furniture are ready for use. Simply visit our store and pick the perfect piece of furniture that will make your home a better place to live in.