Living Room TV Stands

Harmony and aesthetics are both crucial when it comes to finding the right TV stand that compliments our living rooms. The same can be said about the entertainment centrepiece of our home - our TV units and our living room TV stands. 

With that said, how can we find the perfect living room TV stand? For starters, the living room is one of the busiest parts of anyone’s home, and matching each component to compliment the overall aesthetics of our home’s interior can sometimes be a gruelling task. 

People could attest that one wrong move with our modern TV stands could ruin our entertainment haven. To ensure we have the perfect combination, we have to consider a couple of things for choosing the right stand for the job.

  • Type and Designs: wooden or high gloss TV stand
  • Materials
  • How it Compliments with the Interior Designs, Structure, and Colours of our Living Rooms
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Showing 1 - 297 of 297 items

Different Types of TV Units

There's a thin margin for distinguishing a mediocre to a great entertainment area. One of the deal-breaker for this is the type of TV stand we plan to install.

When we consider getting a new TV stand, we have to think if the overall design would fit our home's aesthetics. We are talking about how heavy it would affect our entertainment area's structure, shape, and functionality. Let's take a look at some of the types of TV stands.

Open Shelving

When we are considering a subtle and less prominent setup, TV stands with open shelving are probably your best bet. Open shelving designs are currently one of the most popular choices if we are taking this aesthetic route.

The open element provides an idea of conserving space while providing a clean and neat element in our entertainment area. A lot of open shelving racks sports a structure that gives plenty of open shelves. There's also an elegant centre mount that supports the mounting bracket for our TVs.

Floating Design

A living room with a sleek, clean, and streamlined design would complement well with floating TV racks.

Almost all floating racks are wall-mounted. This means these designs provide plenty of precious floor spaces. This design of TV stand is perfect for limited living space. It is also suitable for families who want to have an unobtrusive television viewing experience.

A lot of times, floating design TV racks have mounted shelves that complement the overall vibe. The biggest thing to consider if we consider floating design racks is cable management. Planning the cable routing and concealing them would be crucial for making this design work, but if you nailed this one, you'd be in for a treat!

Floating TVracks are sometimes the favourites for single and dual-tone living rooms. If you want to see more ideas on how the colour palette and the overall texture of your furniture affect your living room vibe, check out the Prettiest Furniture for a White Living Room.

Modular TV stands with Audio Towers

If you're thinking of scaled-down home entertainment units, your probable choice might be a TV stand with a modular audio tower. This provides the feeling and presentation of a full-blown entertainment centre.

The modular structures are perfect for housing the best set of speakers in your home system, while the centre stand holds the centrepiece - our television. The modular shelves are also perfect for accomodating other supplemental pieces for completing our home entertainment experience.


The hutch television stand gives a pleasant and comfy feel in our living room while providing generous space for other decorative pieces and collectables. The hutch design racks sport multiple layers of shelving and house a couple of TV cabinet compartments. It also happens to be a perfect place for extra storage.

Not all modern design homes can compliments flawlessly with hutch racks, but it is still one of the favourites in a few living room designs schemes.

Swivel Racks

With the popularity of round and rotating platforms in modern living, we can see why the swivel TV rack holds solid grounds in popularity in recent times.

In most designs, the swivel design TV stand is secured in a rotating platform, which is perfect for changing the viewing angle of our television sets without ruining the whole setup of our living room. This feature makes them perfect for setting up a corner TV set.

Keep in mind that swivel TV stands are reliant on the living room design and how your fixtures are arranged.


If you feel like having a secure and holistic design in your living room, a console-style TV stand might be your cup of tea. A console design TV rack is famous for providing plenty of secure surfaces.

Most console racks have plenty of shelving space that is sometimes enclosed for solid protection and added design value. The dependable rectangular footprint also guarantees a sturdy platform, especially if kids are roaming around your home. The shelves could fit game consoles to a tee as well.

If you want to learn useful suggestions on how to layout a safer home and furniture setup for your children, you can read our TV and Furniture Tip-Over Prevention Tips.

Entertainment Centre

If you feel like your living room needs a bang and you want to make a statement, an entertainment centre might tickle your fancy.

Many people consider entertainment centres as the masterpiece in their living room. That usually means it needs attention, and the most common way to achieve that is to make its presence as massive as possible! These are not your typical stands. Many entertainment centres are considerably larger and house other features, such as spacious shelving and generous spaces thanks to its multiple players of cabinets. This is an excellent option for a large TV unit.

To make an entertainment centre work, we need to consider the harmony and the artful presentation between our television set and other electronics. Other elements such as books and other decorative pieces should be spot on, or else you'll end up with a sub-par centre stage in your living room.

TV Unit Materials

Now that we have an idea about the types of TV stands available in the market, let's talk about the material and how cohesive it would be in the overall vibe of our living room.

If we want a timeless piece of fixture in our living room, our safe bet is to choose television racks made from wood. If we like a clean and elegant-looking approach, glass might be our best friend, while metal construction would be perfect for a sturdy, industrial-looking entertainment area.


Wood is one of the most popular materials for making home furniture. After all, it provides an elegant and timeless look that would usually fit any aesthetic scheme of our living room. Wood be crafted with intricate details with the help of an expert's hands.

However, we have to consider the type of wood used in the TV rack to ensure the vibe syncs completely with your living room design.


TV stands made from metal are usually present in modern homes. It is considerably lighter and leaves a smaller footprint than wood. It also has the luxury of freely shaping it to any desired configuration that would fit your fancy.

TV racks made from metals are usually complemented with other materials such as light wood, plastics, and glass shelves. Depending on the overall design, racks made from metal can provide an elegant, sleek-looking fixture. Sometimes, most people opt for a bulky and industrial feel to it.


Racks made from glass are common these days, thanks to their modern appeal that provides visually-stunning, yet discreet fixtures in our home. If we are looking for a clutter-free living room while revealing our prized entertainment system, TV racks made from glass would be the perfect compliment for you.


Choosing your cup of tea when it comes to TV racks all depends on how your home, specifically your living room setup. Also, the types of fixtures and materials affect how your rack would suit well its environment.

If you are leaning over a clean and modern living room, a complimenting TV rack that would highlight your entertainment area is a good idea. However, it would all go down to your preference and how you would like your living room to appeal. For any of your furniture needs, Sena Furniture provides a huge gallery of TV stands that suits your needs.