Hallway sideboards

Does your entryway seem a bit blank to you? Believe it or not, it's one of the places in your home that you should be utilizing more as it serves as a link between the rooms of your house. That's where hallway sideboards come in. They don't only add charm and character to your living room, but they can also provide storage and decor space in almost every part of your house, including the hall.

At Sena Home Furniture, we offer an amazing selection of sideboards that will suit the decor in your hallway. Available in a range of shapes, sizes, and styles, you can find a unit that can serve as a simple shoe cabinet or as a composition set.

Go ahead and choose the perfect sideboard and we'll guarantee that it's of supreme quality.

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Showing 1 - 76 of 76 items

The Reason Why It’s Called a Sideboard

The first time the term "sideboard" was to be used as an alternative to "side table" during the Middle Ages. It was described as a stepped structure meant to display attractive and valuable dining utensils. And since it was designed to be placed in the dining room, others call it a buffet table. The names are used interchangeably, but there are slight differences in terms of structure.

Sideboards may reach the floor or have four to eight short legs, and they can fit anywhere within the home other than the dining area. If a piece has relatively high legs, then it can be referred to as a buffet.

Others would even refer to it as a credenza. It was first used to store food to check if they have poison before serving them to aristocrats.

Can You Put a Sideboard That’s Meant for the Dining Room In a Hallway?

Yes! Just take into account the available wall space in your hall, as well as the household items you want to store in it.

Size is a vital factor

Traditional sideboards are freestanding, have short legs, and shouldn't occupy a lot of space. So, if you have a hall with plenty of floor space, you can shop for a unit that features a wide surface that presents many opportunities for interior ideas.

Those with narrow hallways would thrive with a tall sideboard that would suit the limited flooring space.

A sideboard can sit against the wall at the end of the hallway. You can have a spot for appetizers during a dinner party while using the extra surface space for prized dinnerware and a lamp at the same time. Having a sideboard in the hall will welcome visitors and set the tone for your décor.

But if you're still unsure about the size of the hallway sideboard to get, we offer bespoke services so that they'll perfectly fit into your designated spot.

Storage options

You can choose from sideboards with shelves, double-door or four-door units, or a combination of drawers and doors. Our sideboards even come with push-click safety technology.

As a functional piece of furniture, you can use it to:

  • Serve as a media unit or TV stand
  • Display family photos in the living room
  • Store accessories on the tabletop
  • Hide clothing behind its doors
  • Keep extra cushions
  • Collect and neatly stash baby toys in it
  • Be a makeshift garden for your indoor plants
  • Have a handy storage spot for tools

And besides using the compartments for storing plates and the drawers for organizing cutlery, you can even take advantage of the sideboard's storage potential in the office. We have to accept that there are times when the business comes first. For practicality, it's best to have storage for extra clothing items and blankets in case you need some rest.

A Sideboard to Complement Your Blinds, Cushions, and Existing Décor

This is another crucial detail that you have to keep in mind. You may want to give a fresh look to your hallway or living room, but any furniture you choose should match your interior settings. Though sideboards have enough room on the top to show off your decor and come in many styles and finishes, you still have to decide if you want to go traditional or modern.

Traditional Furniture Pieces

Owners of a classic home can decide from a list of traditional cupboards. Sideboards made of natural wood, such as oak, are perfect for customers looking for a durable fixture. Some even have intricately designed doors that would look stylish yet functional.

You can use any available accessories you have at home to decorate your sideboard's top, such as memorabilia, collections, and photo frames.

You can create a focal point by adding a tall mirror or framed painting on top of the sideboard, while not overpowering your other furniture pieces. If you already have a bookcase, you can even use that as a sideboard as long as it's about the same height as a dining table.

You can also complete the living room with a cupboard that will match that coffee table and footstool where you put your feet up.

Wooden furniture works great for the baby room as they compliment the light tones that they're usually painted with. The top can be decorated with a warm-lighted lamp and your little one's favourite books. Once the kiddo is asleep, you can finally stow away the clothes in the drawers and the toys in the compartment.

Going for a Contemporary Style

For trendy and premium pads, you can shop from our collection of modern sideboards with a high gloss finish. They typically have a sleek, edgy design that makes any room tidy and stylish.

And if you're wondering if you can use a chest of drawers as a sideboard... of course, you can! It doesn't only give out cottage-style or farmhouse vibes, but can even fit with contemporary design. Its versatility extends to any room, even hallways. A great example of how you can use it is by lining up two to three chests of drawers to have more leeway for decor pieces.

Remember to not overcrowd the top of your sideboard. Mix and match using accessories of different sizes and heights to create depth. It may take time to figure out which ones go together best, but it's part of the process. What we're aiming for is to balance functionality and style, while keeping your modern and minimalist theme intact.

Hallway Sideboards That Will Fit Every Room

Basically, this piece of furniture is an easy way to get lots of storage space for almost all the rooms of the house. With a vast range of styles and types to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect cabinet when you shop from our sideboards collection.

And at Sena Home Furniture, we'll make sure that we deliver and you receive furniture made with the finest quality of materials in the United Kingdom, at the best price that'll fit your budget.

For more information, you can visit our showroom to see all the furniture details, contact us, or reach us through Facebook.