Shoe – storage cabinets

The hallway is a part of the house which is not only practical but it is also the part of the house where you can store a lot of things. One of the most commonly found pieces of furniture in the hallway, which can also provide you with some extra space, is a shoe-store cabinet.

Whether it’s because of seasons changing or you’re just seeking variety in your footwear, you need a good place to safely store all your shoes. Our shoe storage cabinets are just the place for you to keep your shoes safe. Moreover, as all of our furniture, shoe cabinets as well are made by the finest quality of materials and will be delivered to you according to the highest Italian standards. Sena Home Furniture offers you an amazing selection of shoe cabinets. Whether you’re looking for simple designs or something more elaborate, we’ll provide you with what you need.

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Showing 1 - 51 of 51 items

You can choose among many sizes, shapes, and styles of shoe hallway shoe storage.

Shoe bench:

A shoe bench/rack is easy and quick to use due to the fact that it is an open space cupboard. Having said that it gives you the ability to pick up the shoes you want without searching for them! But if you do not have enough space, a shoe rack may not be the best idea for your hallway, the main reason of that is the fact that, as it is an open spaced cabinet, shoes may be placed in the wrong way and end up on the floor. If a shoe bench is what you are looking for, then you may want to check out our Oslo shoe storage and hanger set.

High gloss shoe cabinets:

These type of cabinets is what we like to call “ contemporary cabinets”. Due to their gloss finish, they give a modern interior touch to your hallway! In addition, at Sena Home Furniture we offer you with white gloss, black gloss, and even grey gloss modern shoe cabinet! If you are excited about the latest interior trends then for sure you should have a look at Avanti XI

Table shoe storage:

This type of furniture is very convenient for your hallway. Not only it provides with a space to store your shoes but due to its surface, it allows you to use it for decorative reasons! For instance, you can place on your flowers and your family pictures! Do you think that this kind of shoe cabinet will suit you? If so have a look at our Sydney IV.

Before purchasing your new shoe cupboard have in mind the amount of storage you need and the shape that will fit you the best!

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