Dining Room Display Cabinets

Nowadays, in our dining rooms, we try to create as much extra storage as possible, so as to avoid having a chaotic and disorganized room. Having said that, the perfect piece of furniture which can provide us with such space is a display cabinet, which is not only used for practical reasons, but it also can be used to display your dishes, tablecloths or other items relevant to the purposes of this room. Units were used in British homes for the 16th century although they become more and more popular during the 20th and 21st century! Sena Home Furniture offers you a great selection of durable yet functional cabinets for your dining room so that you can enjoy your meal in peace while storing as many items as you need at hand.

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Luxury display cabinet with oak veneer legs soothing to the eye straight lines combined with lots of storage space

£ 499.00 vat incl.

Luxury display cabinet with oak veneer legs soothing to the eye straight lines combined with lots of storage space

£ 429.00 vat incl.
Showing 1 - 213 of 213 items

At Sena Home Furniture we offer an incredibly wide range of display units that will satisfy the needs of all our customers! Although, before selecting your new cabinet, it is important to have in mind some crucial factors!


It is pretty crucial to have in mind the size of your new furniture, how you are going to use it, where you are going to place it, and how much silverware you are willing to store on it! To be more specific, if you are planning to place it in your dining room, and you don't have enough space but you need some additional storage space then a tall display cabinet, such as Blanca will be the perfect solution for you!

Tall furniture, do not occupy a lot of flooring space, due to their shape, but at the same time, they offer you additional storage! On the other hand, if you carve for storage and you don't mind losing some of your flooring space then a wide cabinet will be the ideal solution for you, let alone the fact that due to their surface you can easily use them for decorative reasons!

Moreover, as we know that sometimes it is hard to be sure about your new furniture, we offer you bespoke services, that way we assure you that your new unit will be crafted according to your room dimensions!

In addition, it would be safer if you keep your new furniture away from the sun so as to be sure that your new cabinet will be a long-lasting investment!


At Sena Home Furniture, we know that except the size, the style also plays an important role in choosing your new furniture! Having said that, we designed a wide range of units that vary in terms of materials, finishes, and shapes. It is also important to consider the aesthetic of the room you are willing to place your display cabinet in! So if you are looking for a more classy room then you might want to choose a wooden unit which combined with more wooden decors will create a cosy atmosphere!

On the other hand, white gloss contemporary units are versatile furniture to pick that can fit both a modern room but also a more elegant one! High gloss material will transform your whole house to a premium shiny looking place!

In addition, our units are built with some additional features as well, for instance, you are able to find in our robust catalogue, cabinets with drawers, front doors, mirrors, glass display, steel legs and even LED lights!

Whether you are looking for a classy unit or for the latest trend of the interior fashion we got exactly what you are looking for!

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