Dining Room Sideboards

Ever wondered how most people make their dining areas look so stylish yet organized? It may not be that obvious, but most of the time, it's because of a beautifully crafted sideboard that was carefully chosen to match the interior and other furniture pieces.

Dining room sideboards have come so far. Although they were traditionally meant to keep your dinnerware tidy, they evolved into something that's decorative (such as a high gloss sideboard), trendy, and way more functional. And other than being a storage solution, they're an attractive and practical addition to any part of the house to compliment your existing décor.

It's a good thing that we're here so you won't have trouble looking for a stylish sideboard that will suit your dining area. Here at Sena Home Furniture, you'll find sideboards that come in varying shapes, sizes, and designs.

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Showing 1 - 300 of 301 items

How To Choose the Perfect Sideboard for Your Dining Room

We understand that having many options when you shop for a piece of furniture can feel overwhelming and it seems impossible to choose just one. That's why there are factors and features to consider.

Dining Room Sideboards Can Be Placed in Any Room

If you're wondering, "where do sideboards really go?", their original habitat is the dining room. With its many compartments, doors, and drawers, its main purpose was to provide safe-keeping for your fancy china, glassware, cutlery, napkins, table linens, candlesticks, crockery, and other dining supplies.

But did you know that the sideboard's name is interchangeable? A sideboard placed in the dining area is also known as a buffet table or credenza. Other than being a special place to organize your prized dinner sets in, it's efficiently placed near the dining table and chairs to easily reach any dinnerware while also providing an extra space to serve food and drinks.

Want to use it in the living room? Why not! Settle it against the wall so that it can be a TV stand or media unit for your game consoles, CDs, and DVDs. This shelving unit can also double as a bookcase, and you can then use the top surface to display framed family photos or ornaments.

In the cooking area, it can provide extra storage space for cooking tools, bowls, plates, and cups, without having to remodel or refit the entire kitchen.

How about in the bedroom? Definitely! Utilize its drawers and shelves to store linens, blankets, toys, and other clothing items. Add a glass bowl as decor, then place your accessories in it. The surface can also serve as a mini garden as you style it with indoor plants in varying sizes of pots to complete the relaxing vibe in any part of the house.

Selecting the Right Size of Sideboard

When picturing a sideboard, most of us would imagine a sizeable piece that's obvious yet notable. Especially since some are on the larger and longer side of the scale. With Sena Home Furniture, you can select furniture that would cater to all spaces.

Need a low and small sideboard with two doors to fit in a narrow hallway? Or maybe a large sideboard that comes with multiple drawers and shelves for storing more clothing items? You can find it on this page.

Good to know: A sideboard generally has a height of about 30 to 36 inches (76 to 91 cm).

While window shopping from our stock of sideboards, you'll certainly find one that can accommodate that awkward space in your home.

We also have to consider that storage is a precious thing for all homeowners, especially for families as belongings always seem to accumulate.

And there's no denying that we can consider the sideboard to be the ultimate storage solution.

It provides clever ways to store items, accessories, and even toys, in your home. Complete with drawers and compartments, you'll be able to save plenty of space using one of our stylish sideboards.

A Style To Match Your Living Room Furniture & Other Rooms

The sideboard is truly an amazing furniture piece, and we offer plenty of styles to choose from. It does add a striking touch to your dining area while storing your delicate china and silverware. But if you plan on placing it in a different room, you want to go with a sideboard that matches your interior and other furniture and accessories.

For example, if a sideboard is added to the living area, it should complement the other living room furniture pieces such as sofas, chairs, blinds, cushions, coffee tables, and rugs to create cohesion.

And with Sena Home Furniture, our sideboards range from traditional and rustic to minimal and sleek.

If you prefer the style of solid wood, a sideboard made of mango wood, oak, or walnut will make any house feel homely, thanks to the classic effect of natural wood grains. You can also shop from our beautiful cupboards or display cabinets to pair your sideboard with.

To entertain guests further, you can have a spread of appetizers or snacks that they can help themselves with before heading to the garden for some fresh air.

You can even embrace the on-trend industrial aesthetic look by going for a sideboard with a metal and wood combination. If you want a mid-century touch, go for sideboards with gold and brass accents.

Colour schemes are also important when you shop for a new sideboard. If you're looking for a piece of furniture that will stay on-trend and versatile, it's worth considering a grey, black, or white sideboard.

How about a sideboard that will reflect your personality? We recommend our bespoke-made sideboards crafted with high-quality materials. If it's easier for you to provide the exact measurements you want, don't hesitate to avail of our bespoke services.

If a Modern Sideboard Is More to Your Taste...

Then a sideboard with a contemporary style will solve your storage problems. Not all homeowners will want a rustic piece of furniture made of solid oak wood, so you can always go for sideboards that offer style and a luxurious feel.

To make shopping easier, we've got a stock of sideboards that can effortlessly coordinate with the rest of your furniture pieces, even sofas. You can choose one that has a glass, marble, or high gloss finish.

Whether you want a large sideboard that's real eye-catching or to maximize space while storing extra clothing and accessories in the bedroom, our modern collection will give an elegant and premium style to wherever you place it.

A mirrored sideboard will certainly become a statement piece, as well as one with a geometric design.

A Dining Room Sideboard Might Just Be What You Need

Look no further than Sena Home Furniture if you're planning to shop for a sideboard that will accentuate any area in your house.

Whether it's an oak sideboard with metal legs or a high-gloss piece, you'll find the one with our range of sideboards that comes in various designs, patterns, colours, and finishes. If not, our bespoke services might be the right choice for you.

It's convenient to shop online, but if you want to see all our furniture in detail, you can visit and shop in our showroom. If you have any questions about our stock, brands, and their price, please contact us. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, too!