Dining Room Chairs

In the past couple of decades, we saw huge leaps in the designs and the overall aesthetics of your home’s interior. The same can be said about our beloved dining room. That’s why its important to consider the appropriate dining room chair that matches the overall vibe of the room. 

It may look like a daunting task but you don’t need to fear. Here are a couple of tips on how you can choose the perfect dining room chairs.

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Dining Chairs

Family dining and formal dining spaces have two things in common, the centerpiece of these places - the dining table and dining chairs. Choosing one of the important elements of the room might leave you with lots of confusing options that's why you need to step back a bit and consider a few things before you settle with your choice.

With that said, here are a few pointers that help you pick the right dining chair for your family's breakfast nook:

  • Space
  • Features and Style
  • Comfort and Material


It is essential to know how you can navigate through the limited space that you get from your dining area. After all, you don't want your dining chairs and dining tables eating up any available grounds more than what it should cover. That's why seasoned interior designer measures everything right before they proceed with working with the elements of the room.

Measuring doesn't only cover the space your chair would consume but it also gives us a brief product description on the specs of your new set of dining chairs. In today's standard, chairs around the UK and surrounding countries share a common height being between 450mm and 475mm. However, there are instances that seat height measures between 420 to 580mm.

As a general rule, a seat that goes beyond 450mm considerably suits people with mobility issues and suffers from any kind of body discomfort. Abiding with the standard seat height provides you with enough clearance for your knees. Of course, you also have to account for what your dining table's measurement provides to the overall equation.

After considering the height of both your table and chairs, you now need to keep in mind how your chairs go around your table. To give you the maximum unobstructed space, it is best to place each seat a 600mm clearance that covers both the left and right of the person sitting on it. This measurement gives plenty of wiggle room for your elbows to traverse around you while eating, without disturbing others around the table.

Keep in mind, this measurement only applies to square or rectangular tables but the same principle applies to round and other shaped surfaces.

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Features and Style

Dining table shape molds how exactly your dining chairs behave and the balance between the two main components of your dining room could easily break or make the overall aesthetics of the space. After all, the dining room personality all depends on how well things mesh up with each other, without overpowering other components to a certain degree.

Long and rectangular tables with matching chairs might be perfect for small and narrow spaces that we usually see in apartments located in urban areas. A square table, on the other hand, is perfect for a smaller, square room for that added intimate feeling. Its geometrical shape also allows more room for adding fashionable and decorative options for your dining setup. The main thing to consider is the fact that both items should carry the same element and compliment each other.

One way that guarantees a matching characteristic between your chairs and table are the colours, the design period, the undertone finish, and the level of formality your set gives to its environment. One prime example, a vintage 18th-century mahogany dining table wouldn't mesh well with modern looking dining chairs. As a general rule, there should be at least one stunning feature both your chair and table should share in common.


We're now done with looks, now we're going to talk about comfort and the materials involved. Seat measurements greatly affect how comfy your chair would become and once that's dialed in, we can consider minor bits and pieces to greatly improve the overall support it gives to you and your back. The first line of business is the material.

A great interior designer considers how a certain material reacts to the existing pieces of the room. That's why blending and complimenting each element is a crucial task that most people often overlooked. However, keep in mind that there's no perfect solution for this approach, and sometimes, matching and mixing components might give you a stunning result that you never thought of.

A solid wood chair is a classic option for dining sets. It provides a hospitable and warm aura to your dining room, and adds personality thanks to the natural wood grain patterns they sport. On top of that, wood is a versatile option for many colour finishes and table surfaces.

Chairs made from metals provide flexibility if we are aiming for industrial or contemporary dining room styles. In some cases, we see both elements in one of the pieces of furniture, and depending on the style it carries, a certain spark, in contrast, gives us a surprising complementing style between the different materials. Within the last couple of centuries, we saw a rise of padded seat equipped with foams and fabrics. Thus, the rise of popularity of upholstered dining chairs! Some even go over and beyond with the use of fabric covering that engulfs the whole chair.

These minor design tweaks revolutionized chair ergonomics and paved the way for a better body and back supporting dining chairs that we see in modern times. Now that you have a quick understanding on what to look for, time to narrow down your options and probably settle for the right dining chair set for you.

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Time to Pick the Right Dining Chair

We now understand the basic things to consider about dining chairs, now we can work on getting the right fit for our dining room chairs.

Go with Style

Assess your situation and look for signs that might work with the overall aesthetics that you aim for your dining space. Whether you go with a design that's more on colour or a theme, make sure to stick with it up until to the last piece of furniture in your arsenal.

Look for inspirations through forums and consult interior designers for their insights and they'll probably provide you with a couple of things you can apply to your design journey. Once the style is settled, let's go with the material of choice.

Material Selection

Wooden chairs are a classic piece of a contemporary dining area. However, there may be instances that we can opt for upholstered fabric, faux leather, metals, or a combination of all - instead of that plain, old wooden chair!

Upholstered dining chair radiates a formal feel to the room. On top of that, it also provides optimum comfort and support to the body. It is also a great avenue to work colours, palettes, and distinct patterns that could provide personality to your dining space.

Wooden dining chairs live naturally inside classic homes and always have a place in terms of interior design. However, they can be a bit uncomfortable in the long run. Lastly, Metal dining chairs are usually seen in an outdoor setting. Thanks to its property where we can easily wipe clean its surface, it became a stunning selection for an outdoor dining set.

Just like dining seats made from wood, metal chairs may also be hard and uncomfortable when you sit for a long time. However, it always has a place for modern pieces of furniture, especially for kitchen chairs that afters an industrial feel.

Final words

The best approach for getting yourself a new set of dining chair is the vibe that you want to get from your dining room. With the help of this guide, we are sure you'll get the ideal one that would fit your fancy.