Dining Room

The dining room is one of the most important parts of our home. Not only is it the place where you eat all your meals, which is a large part of what makes it so crucial, but it’s also where the family meets to talk and interact. It goes without saying that it’s incredibly important to choose just the right decor that will not only provide you with all the furniture you need but will also make you feel at home as you dine. At Sena Home Furniture, we prepared for your categories of all the necessary furniture for your room. All of our designs are made by the best quality materials, such as MDF or natural Oak and painted in detail with high gloss, matte, or veneer finish.

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In Japanese, 'Hayami' is described as a rare and unusual beauty, which is exactly how we portray our new resin range. Sister to...

£ 4,999.00 vat incl.

In Japanese, 'Hayami' is described as a rare and unusual beauty, which is exactly how we portray our new resin range. Sister to...

£ 2,499.00 vat incl.

Please contact us regarding your choice of fabric.

£ 439.00 vat incl.
Showing 1 - 300 of 367 items

Sena Home Furniture offers you a great variety of dining furniture to choose from. To be more specific, you can choose among a wide variety of:


On our catalogue, you can find an incredibly wide range of tables! You can choose between high-practical extendable tables if you don't have enough space but you still want to invite your friends for dinner, contemporary tables for a modern yet fashionable interior touch, natural oak tables for long-lasting investments, without a doubt natural oak tables are the best choices if you have children! Of course, we are providing you with our bespoke services so as to assure you that your new modern furniture will perfectly fit into your room! Choose your new table from our catalogue and it will transform the aesthetics of your whole room!


A dining room without chairs is just an empty space! How you can enjoy your dinner without having a place to sit? Having that in mind we created a wide range of chairs to satisfy all of our customer's needs. Whether you want tall chairs, modern high gloss chairs or chairs made by natural Oak, we -for sure- can provide it to you!


Highly practical yet aesthetically pleasing furniture that must be placed in your dining room is a sideboard! This furniture, not only can contain all of your room essentials they also provide you with their wide surface for decorative reasons. Moreover, at Sena Home Furniture, we craft all of our sideboards with the finest materials on the market but still, our prices are value-for-money. Check it out by yourself!

Display cabinets

One of the most traditional furniture in our dining room is the display cabinets! During the 16th century, they become so popular in British homes, and they are still a trend! The main reason for that is the fact that you can show off your silverware in an elegant yet practical way! At Sena Home Furniture, we offer you a wide variety of modern cabinets, in terms of shapes, sizes, and design!

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