Bespoke Dining Tables

Picking out the right dining table is one of the most crucial decisions you'll have to make when decorating your home. The dining room is, after all, the home's hub for eating and entertainment, so you need just the right place that will let you accommodate both your family and friends. Sena Home Furniture provides you with the best collection of dining tables to choose from. Therefore, it's a good idea to invest in solid, bespoke furniture that will help you not only provide a practical space to serve all your meals, but also create a specific mood in your dining room. Check our catalogue to find exactly what you need, all of our furniture made with the best quality of materials and manufactured according to the highest standards!

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Showing 1 - 50 of 51 items

Before selecting the most suitable table for your room you should take a look at the wide variety of categories that Sena Furniture provides you with:


As you can notice this specific category is dedicated to bespoke furniture. To be more specific, at Sena Home Furniture we know that sometimes is pretty hard to find a piece of furniture which will fit the size of your apartment! So we created our bespoke services! By doing so we will craft your dining table in accordance with your space measurements and we will make it match with your dining room! In addition, our bespoke furniture is made with a variety of durable materials, such as Oakwood, Glass, and MDF.

Glass Material:

Are you looking for contemporary furniture? Then our fashionable, elegant glass dining tables are the perfect solution for you! To be more specific, not only it will give your room the illusion that your room is bigger but due to its material, it will match with luxury and art decorations! In addition, at Sena Home Furniture, as we use the finest glass of the market we can assure you about its durability as well! On top of their functionality, we have to mention how convenient is to maintain them clean throughout a long period of time!

Extendable furniture:

Extendable tables are a perfect solution for those who own a smaller spaced dining room! Not only they will give you the ability to save some space but also due to their functionality they will make your room more aesthetically pleasing! Moreover, on our robust catalogue, you are able to find modern furniture that due to their functionality they will allow you to invite all of your friends and family for dinner without worrying how they are all going to fit! Our extendable tables are made by a variety of materials such as Oakwood, glass or even MDF

Oak material:

Dining tables made of oak are one of the most popular tables! Oak is a high-quality material that only is durable but also it is extremely elegant! Oak furniture is a good investment due to their long-lasting materials and their ageless style! In addition, if you have children in your family we assure you that Oak furniture will maintain with no scratch!

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