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To begin with, bespoke comes from the verb bespeak which means ‘ordered, speak for something’ so by saying bespoke furniture we mean that you will order your measurements and we will craft it and paint it according to your requirements. This kind of furniture can be adjusted in terms of materials, colours, shapes, and sizes. At Sena Home Furniture, as we want to satisfy all of our customers, we offer amazing services to make all of our furniture fit right into your home. The only thing you have to do is to choose your custom-made furniture and we will carefully craft it for you!

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Our bespoke category consists of

Coffee tables:

If you are a coffee fan, you can have your own unique coffee table, designed and crafted to perfectly fit into your living room! Coffee tables are the centre of attention in your room. Having said that, we offer a wide variety of coffee tables in terms of size, style, and design. Moreover, you can find coffee units made of glass to give your living room the illusion that you have more space. Other options include wood, if you’re looking for long-lasting, durable furniture, as well as a high-gloss option which is the latest trend of interior design.

Bedside Cabinets:

What better way to complement your bed than with uniquely designed bedside cabinets. We guarantee you that, as they are bespoke, they will fit into your bedroom, and they will create a cozy atmosphere complementing your bed! In addition, you can find cabinets with drawers or doors which implement the convenient push-click technology.

Dining tables:

Dining tables are some of the most important furniture in your room. Not only are they the place you eat at, but they’re also where you sit and enjoy conversations with your friends and family. In addition, we use only the highest quality materials, such as oak wood, so as to make you feel sure that you are purchasing a modern yet durable table. Sena Home Furniture provides a wide variety of dining tables. In our catalog, you can find tables made of glass, extendable tables, as well as oak tables!


Due to their versatility, you can place sideboards both as a piece of elegant furniture in your living room, as well as a reliable addition to the chaotic children’s room. In addition, as they come with a wide surface you can even use them for purely decorative reasons. Our furniture also utilizes push-click technology, which gives you the convenience you were always looking for! Moreover, the sideboard has been one of the most purchased furniture items in our offer over the past few years.

Tv units:

TV units are the place for your TV to stand on, but it should be custom-made to your sitting position so that you can enjoy your movie while sitting comfortably on your sofa. Moreover, our entertainment units also provide you with some extra storage for your living room! In addition, as we take care of their quality, our TV units are made using the finest materials on the market.

Wall Units:

Wall cabinets are the heart of your living room. Not only they will occupy a lot of space but they will provide you with a lot of storage space. Having your own custom-made wall unit will make you feel secure with the fact that it will perfectly fit into your living room. So choose your ideal wall unit and we will craft it for you!

Display cabinets:

Display cabinets will make your dining room essentials appear in your room in an aesthetically pleasing way, but they will also provide you with extra storage! This kind of cabinet has been decorating British homes for many years! That's why choosing a bespoke display cabinet is so important, as we can customise it for you, so as to best fit your apartment.

With our bespoke services, you can have any furniture from our catalogue that not only looks just the way you want it to be, but is also the perfect fit for your home giving it a taste of luxury and uniqueness.

With our services, you can have any furniture from our catalog and be sure that not only does it look just the way you want it, but it is also a perfect fit for your home.

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