Side Tables

Imagine resting on your sofa with a cup of tea or a glass of wine in hand. Wouldn't it be nice if you could put it down but still have it within arm's reach when you read a book, or perhaps place a remote on it while you watch some TV? A side table is made for that purpose.

Also called end tables, side tables aren't just a sidekick for your couch. They offer style, storage, and convenience. It's a piece of furniture that can be placed in a small or spacious living room to hold some of your accessories or décor.

All the side tables we have here at Sena Home Furniture will be a great addition to any home.

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Oiled oak nest of 3 tables in a perfect yet simple design.

£ 289.00 vat incl.

Oiled oak nest of 3 tables in a perfect yet simple design.

£ 149.00 vat incl.

Oiled oak nest of 2 tables in a perfect yet simple design.

£ 119.00 vat incl.

In Japanese, 'Hayami' is described as a rare and unusual beauty, which is exactly how we portray our new resin range. Sister to...

£ 569.00 vat incl.

In Japanese, 'Hayami' is described as a rare and unusual beauty, which is exactly how we portray our new resin range. Sister to...

£ 1,999.00 vat incl.

White matt lacquered nest of 3 tables in a perfect yet simple design.

£ 149.00 vat incl.
Showing 1 - 70 of 70 items

Side Tables to Compliment Blinds, Cushions, Sofas, and Beds

A side table, as the name suggests, is a compact and sleek table placed beside other furniture that a person could sit on, like the couch, armchair, or bed. Its main function is to make sure that your essential items are within easy reach.

It's also space-efficient as some tables come with a drawer, shelf, or both. It can double duty as storage for blankets, an extra pillow, or even a few pieces of clothing.

This is something that not everyone takes into account, but you can even have a side table in the baby room. Choose a wooden table and place it on top of a cute rug beside the rocking chair. A cozy spot for when you read a bedtime story for your baby.

Kids who have their own room would also love an end table to place lamps to help scare monsters away.

Height Is Important

Before you decide and shop through our store for that side table you're eyeing on, we highly recommend being careful to choose one with the right height.

Having a side table that's too low will have you reaching out for any item you have on the table. If it's too high, not only can it dominate your other furniture, but you'll also be running the risk of knocking over appliances, like a lamp, with your elbow.

Did you know that there's a rule? Side tables should be within 2 inches (5 cm) of your couch's arm.

Armless seats can have a table that's the same height as the seat, or you can measure the height that you and your visitors would be comfortable reaching for while seated.

For example, if your sofa's arm is about 22 inches (56 cm) tall, then shop for a side table that's around 20 to 24 inches (51 to 61 cm) tall.

Choose a Side Table That Will Suit Your Style

You wouldn't have to worry about getting a "standard" side table. Since it's quite small, it's a piece of furniture that can have many adventurous designs without looking over the top.

There's no limit to the imagination when it comes to these tables. Just keep in mind that side tables, unlike console tables, aren't the focal point of a room. They're meant to complement or match its overall theme, as well as to create a new element of texture and color, or aesthetic contrast. And that's what inspired our collection.

You can even play with it a bit by having unmatching tables side by side with the couch. Just ensure that you shop for tables with visually similar height and weight to keep a sense of balance. One can sort of fade into the background, while the other one will stand out a bit.

Side Tables With a Traditional Look

You can opt for a wooden traditional side table that gives a rustic charm. It fits almost every room and can even complement a few modern furniture designs.

On our page, you can see that end tables also have a wide range of shapes. Oval and circular ones can rest perfectly next to a curved bay window.

Rectangular or square tables decorated with photo frames and pretty vases will look divine beside any furniture, on top of rugs, to create a statement corner.

Going Modern With a Small Side Table

If you prefer contemporary styles, then pick out one with metal legs for a minimalistic touch. Do you want to give it a bit more glamour? Opt for a classic glass table with a chrome-plated metal frame that will refuse to shy away from adoring eyes.

Place a glass bowl on top of it to place your accessories in, and that alone will give it a fancy look.

If you like more storage, another option is a nest of tables. You can easily store the smaller tables under the tallest one when not needed.

Want a table you can move closer to you? You should further check out our page for the Aria resin side table. You can check the price here.

What’s the Difference Between a Side Table and a Coffee Table?

The difference between the two are height and surface size. Side tables are usually taller but have a smaller surface. Coffee tables are usually lower than the seat of a couch that you can even put up your feet on it.

Still, a side table is a perfect alternative for a coffee table as it has the same function. It can also manage to hold on to a few of your items, as well as for storage while taking up less space.

Others would use a dresser, barrel or crate, bar cart, stool, trunk or chest, or a floating shelf to serve as side tables. They're also great alternatives and can show your creativity.

Choosing the Right Side Table for You

Are you able to decide on the storage, design, and height of the side table you want? You can choose from our side tables that are available in a huge range of colors, shapes, and sizes. All of them are made from high-quality materials that include steel, wood, glass, and even high-gloss finishes. They can be delivered to you according to the highest standards.

You can shop on our website and click on the filters to browse based on price, product name, or reference. Don't forget to check us out on our social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram.