Wood Coffee Tables

Sturdy wooden coffee tables were more of a norm than an exception in any house over the past few decades, and if you're planning to buy one now, there's no need to think about it twice. Wood is a very durable material with a lot of character and the strength to withstand heavy wear and tear, making it an ideal material for a living room furniture piece.

As a result, when it comes to choosing a new coffee table, wooden coffee tables are an excellent choice. First of all, with a wide range of materials used to make wooden coffee tables - from solid ash or hardwood to weathered or distressed timber - it is possible to choose a stylish wood coffee table that will suit any budget. Furthermore, wooden coffee tables come in lots of sizes, shapes, colours, and brands, allowing you to choose the perfect one to complement your lounge.

You can also check other types of tables such as bespoke and high-gloss coffee tables. Furthermore, our tables are designed in such a way that they can be artistically and practically coupled with our sofas and armchairs.

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Oiled oak nest of 3 tables in a perfect yet simple design.

£ 289.00 vat incl.

Oiled oak nest of 3 tables in a perfect yet simple design.

£ 149.00 vat incl.

Oiled oak nest of 2 tables in a perfect yet simple design.

£ 119.00 vat incl.

In Japanese, 'Hayami' is described as a rare and unusual beauty, which is exactly how we portray our new resin range. Sister to...

£ 979.00 vat incl.

In Japanese, 'Hayami' is described as a rare and unusual beauty, which is exactly how we portray our new resin range. Sister to...

£ 1,999.00 vat incl.

A quality coffee table in oiled oak and stainless steel finish

£ 289.00 vat incl.

White matt lacquered nest of 3 tables in a perfect yet simple design.

£ 149.00 vat incl.

Solid oak table in a perfect yet simple design the use of oak with a beautiful structure visually emphasizes the unique...

£ 699.00 vat incl.
Showing 1 - 99 of 99 items


Wooden coffee tables can be perfect for a boho modern, eclectic interior or even an industrial style and make a different and even daring statement. Contemporary coffee tables made of natural solid wood will look stunning in a minimalist living room or a Scandinavian-inspired one with minimal furniture and white walls.

If you're after more of a rustic charm, you'll be able to find wooden coffee tables with a reclaimed wood top surface that will fit the living space of any style, with antique furniture or country décor elements - as big as exposed beams and as tiny as colourful cushions. Solid wood coffee tables can also fit any living room decorated with rustic shelves or vintage décor and crafted furnishings.

Putting together the extensive range of styles we've mentioned so far, it is safe to say that wooden coffee tables are a universal piece of furniture not only for every living room but every home as well.

Materials Used

When it comes to choosing the right type of wood for your new coffee table, you should know that the kind of wood, its treatment and its finishing all contribute to the overall look of your coffee table. For example, solid oak is not only the most durable but also one of the hardest woods available, which makes it perfect for traditional interior designs. However, oak is quite expensive.

Cedar wood is easier to sand and stain than oak, making it a cheaper alternative. It is also soft and aromatic, making it a perfect choice for wooden coffee tables placed in the living room. Pine is inexpensive, which makes it a good choice for home décor projects. Other options include mahogany, maple, teak, and white oak.

However, you might also consider weathered or distressed timber, which is less expensive than hardwood, but then again, it's not as durable.

Durability and Sturdiness

Wooden coffee tables are incredibly durable, adding to their attractiveness. From their durability comes the fact that they can withstand heavy wear and tear, making them perfect living room furniture pieces for big families. The material is very resistant to moisture, meaning that even if you spill something on the table, it won't soak through to the surface.

Furthermore, wooden coffee tables are not only resistant to moisture but also scratches and dents. These lovely, unique pieces of furniture are more than just pretty looks - they're sturdy and durable, too! The natural properties of this material mean that wooden coffee tables will last you for years to come.


There are two ways wooden coffee tables can be finished - either by staining them or finishing them with oil. Staining adds colour to your wooden table, making them more vibrant, but oiling the tabletop makes it look shinier and darker. This method is often used to treat oak furniture as it gives it that dark colour that looks amazing against lighter shades such as white or cream.

But whatever type of finish you opt for, remember to treat your wooden coffee table regularly with special oils or waxes to keep its beauty for longer.

As stated before, wood is prone to natural wear, making them look even more natural and interesting - think about it as bringing out their unique personality. For example, leaving an unfinished wood piece outside for several months under direct sunlight (especially by the sea) can turn it grey, making it look like slate stone. Such a unique finish is called patina and gives your wooden coffee table a completely new look - different from what it looked like when you first purchased it, which is exactly what makes these pieces so unique.

Sizes and Shapes

In addition to the materials used to create them, wooden coffee tables also come in different sizes and shapes. The most common ones include rectangular, square and round shapes, but they can be found in every shape you can imagine - from large floor standing wooden coffee tables to small side tables that are also suitable for use as bedside tables.

For example, a simple rectangular wooden coffee table with four legs is a timeless classic that will match any décor and interior style, but if you want a more unusual design, why not try a wooden coffee table with a drawer underneath? It will look beautiful in a contemporary living room or a traditional one, and it is suitable for both family homes and apartment living.


As you can see, wooden coffee tables are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Wooden coffee tables are strong enough to hold heavy or large objects on them without scratching or denting.

Their even surfaces are also great for showcasing decorative objects such as vases, sculptures, collection pieces, and other accessories. You can create a beautiful centrepiece with small candles or even snacks and beverages. This piece of furniture also works well as a sofa table.

Finally, you can use a wooden coffee table to store a number of small useful items - you can find coffee tables that come with drawers, making it easy to keep magazines and books within easy reach and providing a safe place for all your remotes and mobile devices. If you want to store your electronics, you can also opt for a wooden coffee table with a shelf underneath.

But if you're looking for a place to put your feet up while you relax on the sofa, no problem! Choose a coffee table with a low height or short legs so that you have enough room to comfortably rest your legs on the table surface.

Exploring Dimensions of Wooden Coffe Tables Collections

If you're after a piece of furniture that will last for years, a wooden coffee table will do the job perfectly. Also, with the material being versatile, there's a huge choice of designs, styles, and finishes available from which you can choose your dream coffee table. They can range from classic solid wood coffee tables to those made from recycled wood, including marble or glass-topped coffee tables.

Regardless of whether you search for a traditional or modern design that will blend in perfectly with your lounge furniture or you want one that will create a daring statement, we're sure you'll find the perfect wooden coffee table for your home in accordance with your preferences - and at an affordable price.