2,3 seater sofas

2,3 seaters are furniture that give you a lot of extra space in your room but still, they are more than comfortable. They are the ideal furniture if you don't have enough space in your living room or if you have they can be placed aside of larger sofas so as to create some extra comfy seating space. They have proven to be a great addition to private interiors as well as hotels, restaurants and other space. Some of these models (similarly to corner L-shaped sofas) offer sleeping function, which makes them not only elegant but also a highly practical furniture item in your home. To make them unique and adjust them to your vision and style, you can choose from over 100 finish versions, including different materials and colours.

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£ 1,750.00 vat incl.
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Expect from all these styles we carefully crafted our 2,3 seaters using only the best quality materials so as to satisfy all of our customers! Before choosing your new furniture you should take into consideration some important factors.


Even though this setter can be easily placed everywhere we wanted to add some more features! First of all, we offer bespoke 2,3 seaters, that way you do not have to worry if your new furniture will fit with your living room, as we are going to carefully craft it in accordance with the dimensions that you are going to provide us! In addition, we provide you with modular couches as well! So, even if you don't have an extra bed for your guest you can adjust this type of sofa to a comfortable bed! A great example of such a furniture is the Enjoy the Italian designed couch! The only thing you have to do is to scroll on our online shop and find exactly what you are looking for!


Even if you choose your new setter as a complementary furniture or as the main sitting space it is important to choose the one that will match with the interior design of your room! At Sena Home Furniture, you can find an incredibly wide range of materials and top quality stain resistant fabrics!

If you still can't find what you need you can browse to our sofas categories so as to find out more shapes and styles.

Finally, our setters are finely made by renowned manufacturers, which are located in the EU. Top quality, solid wood and elastic filling used in the manufacturing process make them durable and simply ideal for relaxation. We will deliver to you a setter made by the highest standards and materials!

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