Line wall sets range

Line wall set andCube unit are made to be convenient and to provide you with freedom in the way that you want to design your living room. To be more specific, while designing these two collections, we had in mind to create something innovative, something that will give you storage but it will not occupy your flooring space. So we thought of units fully attached to your wall, cube range has cube-shaped parts for a more playful interior touch and this range has line-shaped units for a more premium interior touch.

Moreover, Line collection comes with different colours, shapes, sizes and even some extra features, such as LED lights for a more modern interior touch. No matter which collection you are going to choose, we guarantee you that as we use only the best quality materials.

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items


As far as the size, at Line range, you are having two main advantages. Firstly, as this collection comes with a wide variety of furniture there is no way that you will not find the one that will fully satisfy your needs. Secondly, as it is a totally wall mounted set you don't have to care about your flooring space but just to decide which wall is the most suitable for your new set.

In addition, it is highly important that all of the parts of this range include a lot of storing space both for your TV but also for your home cinema equipment. Having said that, with such furniture your living room will look tidy and well organized again!


At Sena, we know how important is to have furniture that complements aesthetically each other. That is the main reason why this set comes with a variety of colours and textures. For example, on our robust catalogue, you can find wooden parts for a more classy interior design, but also as you can notice we have painted some of our units with the latest high-gloss material!

So you have to choose which style do you prefer and which material texture fits better with your rest of the furniture and we will provide it to you with the best value for money price!


Last but not least, we have to mention the importance of the wall unit in the living room. To be more specific, expect from the storing functions that we mentioned before, it's pretty important to refer the fact that as Line range comes with the specific space of wall mounter parts they can be easily be used for purely decorative reasons!

Having said that, this set will allow you to freely express your personal interior touch! Take a look!

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