Dolcevita Italian furniture

The Dolcevita Italian furniture set was designed with the intention to provide a number of viable solutions for those looking for a clean, modern look for their living room. Moreover, the Dolcevita furniture set comes in white gloss and matt beige, so you can customize it to your liking. Some pieces come with wenge doors that add an interesting accent to the whole composition. This collection contains TV stands which in addition to their main function, they have some extra storage so as to help you organize your Living room. Sideboards with a wide surface which be can be used for a purely decorative reason and display cabinets, all available in a variety of colour configurations.

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Showing 1 - 39 of 39 items

Dolce Vita’s furniture:

TV stands:

Lorenzo Campanelli the creator of this set he managed to manufacture products that are both functional and aesthetic! A great example of this fact is the TV stands on this set. Whether you are looking for a matt surface for your TV or for your decorative accessories or a modern stand with its ultra beautiful clean lines which is equipped with additional led lights, you can find it all on this collection! Lorenzo Campanelli managed to connect state of art technologies with impeccable style!


The sideboards which are designed by Lorenzo Campanelli are more than eye-catching! You can either find them in the shiny high-gloss finish or in the elegant matt material! In addition, due to their design, and to their clean lines, they can be easily placed in every single room. As they are designed and made in Italy we guarantee you about their durability!

Display Cabinets:

At Sena Home Furniture, we know the importance of that traditional furniture! Display cabinets will make your room look better organized and premium at the same time! On this set, you can find types of furniture with both high-gloss or matt finishes! In addition, as our sideboards are made in such a versatile way they can fit in every room and they will draw admiring glances from all of your guests!

Moreover, due to their additional LED lights, we assure you that they will showcase your silverware in the most premium way! Last but not least, Lorenzo Campanelli, the creator of Dolce Vita range is a well known Italian designer and manufacturer of contemporary furniture!

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To sum up, Dolcevita is an Italian design furniture set, you can find more about Italian designs in this article we prepared for you.

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